Questions and answers
The drinking alarm does not fit on my bottle.
We have developed the drinking alarm for the
average size of normal water bottles lid.
But there are also bottles with a larger lid,
e.g. 1 1/2l bottles and in particular frensh bottles.
They take a lid of an "old" bottle or a cork.
The important thing is that the button inside
of the soil is pressed. He triggers the time switch.
The drinking alarm is not a substitute for the screw cap of your bottle.
He has to sit on a lid!
How is the drinking alarm?
The drinking alarm has no on-off switch.
If you do not need it - eg. In the evening,
just take it off the lid
and he is off.
Why does the drinking alarm have no acoustic signal?
We had to decide for reasons of space
between an acoustic and an optical signal.
We opted for an optical signal
because it's the environment (e.g. office, hospital)
would disturb if he would beep constantly.
In addition, older people are often hearing impaired,
but an optical signal can be self
easily recognize visually impaired people.
The battery is replaceable.
The installed battery is a high quality lithium battery: CR 2032.