How did we do that?

Very easily:

in the case is a movable pin,

which is pressed inwards by the weight of the housing

and thus starts the timer.

Take the drinking alarm from the bottle

the "internal clock" is interrupted and stopped again.

The drinking alarm is "off".

The pen must be pressed!

The drinking alarm has to sit on a lid.

bottom with pin

bottom with pin

sideview - pin with feather

The drinking alarm is off if it is not on a lid!

- Easy to use
- No on / off switch
- No complicated programming

The drinking alarm fits all standard bottles
up to 30mm lid diameter.

He does not fit on most French bottles
e.g. Evian, Vittel etc. have a diameter of 33mm.

Lid 1l bottle

Lid 1,5l bottle
does not fit

The drinking alarm does not have to sit on the bottle,
one lid is enough.

Just take an "old" lid from a smaller water bottle
and put the drinking alarm on it.
So you can put it to your workplace without the bottle interfering.

The drinking alarm is not a substitute for the screw cap of your bottle.
He has to sit on a lid!

Thus, the drinking alarm reminds you every hour of regular drinking.