Nine reasons for drinking water

85% of the brain tissue consists of water. If the body gets too little water, the stress level increases

The brain power diminishes
Water is the main component of the blood. If one drinks too little, the blood only flows "viscous", which means that our body and our brain are supplied with less oxygen. This reduces the brain power, it becomes faster and less concentrated and slow.

Water is and will remain the number one beauty elixir! Our body is 65% water and our skin cells need water to be functional. If the body lacks fluid, the water in the skin cells is first reduced, leaving the skin slack and tired, losing tension and causing wrinkles more quickly. Only if we drink enough, the skin can look plump and healthy.

When you drink water, the stomach fills up and you are automatically less hungry. Water promotes metabolism and ensures a feeling of fullness - this helps water to lose weight.

Together with fiber, water is essential for good digestion. But beware: who drinks too much water at once, rinses out many fiber at once. That's why the rule is: a glass of water every hour!

Our mucous membranes, such as those in the nose, are used to filter viruses and bacteria from the air, so that they cannot enter the body and cause harm. The condition for this, however, is that the mucous membranes are sufficiently moist to perform their task. If you drink too little, they will dry out and their abilities will be severely impaired. As a result, bacteria get into the body more easily.

Kidney stones
Those who drink too little do not wash their body well, so painful kidney stones can develop. Also, urinary tract disorders can occur quickly because too little fluid concentrates the urine.

Stronger muscles
Water prevents muscle spasms and protects the joints.

Dehydration makes you tired. Water drinking gives the body energy and not only makes tired men happy.